Church Of The Living God


Interested in Visiting


What to expect

  •  Location

We do not have a church building but we are located in a school. When you arrive, ushers in high visibility jackets will direct you to the Sports Hall in the Attenborough Building. There are also signs to point you in the right direction to our meeting place. The Sports hall is located in the ground floor of Attenborough building.

We also use additional rooms in the same building for Sunday School meetings etc.

Please be aware that Orleans Park school is also used by a number of other people doing sports, chess clubs and a "School of rock".

  •  The main meeting

The main meeting starts with a time of worship led by our worship team. There is a short time of announcements and offering followed by a sermon. We regularly have guest speakers. We tend to serve communion once a month. 

  • Disabled facilities

The access to the building caters for disabled people and there are disabled toilet facilities.

  •  Parking

There are two car parks so in the majority of cases parking should not be an issue.

  • Meeting duration

The meeting runs from 10:30 to 12:15 approx.

  • Refreshments

After the service from 12:15 to 12:45 tea and coffee and snacks are provided in a canteen area.

  •  Dress code

There is no dress code. Some people are dressed more formally than others but there is no requirement. Everyone is welcome.

  • Sunday school

There is a creche and Sunday school facility that runs from about 11:30 am to about 12:15. The Sunday School caters for kids from 6 months to 13 years. Parents or guardians will be asked to sign a consent form giving contact information and a brief summary of any medical issues we need to be aware of.

  • Prayer meeting

We have a prayer meeting for those interested which runs from 10:00 am to 10:25 am. We pray for healing once every two weeks.

  • Health and Safety issues

We tend to take health and safety, security, safeguarding and fire safety seriously so there may be checks done from time to time. These are primarily internal procedures to protect everyone and hopefully prevents unnecessary incidents from happening.