Church Of The Living God


Links to our other churches and organisations


We have connections with other Churches and organisations and provide links to some of these below.

Christen Geminde Trier, Germany :

Living Word Church of Jesus, Calgary, Canada :

Disciple’s fellowship, Kollam, India:

Word of Grace fellowship in Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA:

All Nations Disciples Fellowship  India

Iselworth Pentecostal Church UK   Iselworth Pentecostal Church

We also support the ministries of:

Good News Crusade and Evangelist Don Double :

Open Doors – This organisation assists and supports persecuted Christians in different parts of the world :

Reaching the World – A ministry which is working in Myanmar among other places :

Mission 24 - the ministry of Jonathan Conrathe:

Women on the move   -

Kick London   -

Riverbank trust -