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House Groups

What is a House Group or Home Group?

A House Group, is a small group of between 4-15 people, who regularly meet in a familiar atmosphere of a home, or lately also virtually. These groups provide an excellent way of getting to know the Lord Jesus and also others. They are friendly places in which good fellowship and fun can also be shared. When Christians get together, we call that “fellowship”. The word means much more than just saying hello at a meeting every week, or having a cup of tea every so often; fellowship means, amongst others, to share or part-take in what Jesus has done for us and to also share in each others' lives and to support everyone in the group. It is a very precious and valuable part of church family life.

Why attend a House Group?

Some of the purposes a House Group serves are:

  • learning together what it means to follow Jesus Christ,
  • finding out together the significance of what we read in the Bible in our daily lives,
  • personal exchange of experiences,
  • a place to ask questions, share joy and pain, and pray for each other and for others,
  • helping each other in practical ways,
  • finding out gifts given to individuals, learning to practice them in the small context, encouraging each other in them, and learning to share them with more people.

Find out more information

Our House Groups meet on various days in different locations, and once a month at Orleans Park school premises as a corporate body for Bible Study. If you wish to join a House Group, please feel free to contact us to find out more information, or have a look at our Calendar page to find out when we have our corporate meetings.